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Like I said, playing in the NFL is a privilege not a right.

Wrong. Playing in the NFL is neither a privilege or a right. It’s a business. That’s why guys like Donte’ Stallworth, Josh Brent and Ray Lewis (who all KILLED people) got a second chance. Greg Hardy threw a woman on a pile of guns and threatened to kill her. Hell, Michael Pittman rammed his Hummer in to his wife’s car which occupied his wife, 2 year old and babysitter. And he was on the Bucs at the time. And continued to be for another 4 years. They held value because of talent. Talent leads to Wins. Wins lead to money. Fans are emotional and don’t like bad people. Football owners like wins and money.

And those same fans will sing the praises of the players if/when they hoist a Lombardi.

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