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I will give you my thoughts.

I was one of the beginners and a paying customer. I was very active on these boards and helped with some of the off site events and with another “beginner”  ran  a “prediction Game”

So you might say I was involved

Also,, in all fairness there was always trouble of some kind with the boards and seemed like every couple of year a new one was rolled out-most times until recently with membership input and members doing some of the testing the testing.

The biggest membership support somehow always seemed to come from the number 2 person on the staff and help from Kim when needed.

The publisher became more and more distant (to the boards except for the Fab5.

The boards were active, thespecial events were well attended and we somehow lived thru the new board designs

Then in the last couple of years a lot of changes took place.

There were then 2 boards-the Red and Pewter (membership paid) The Pewter board  had no guests and the “control” of the board was a lot left to the members to deal with each other within the rules established by the publisher.                 Then the new named Hall of Fame board came into existence, no rules, no membership and articles provided for the Red board no longer were provided for the Hall of Fame board and the staff just “walked” away from it. (But you would never know it buy looking at its description on the site-even tho it has been brought to the attention of the powers that be.

Little annoyances about the latest new site, which was installed with no input by the readers (to my knowledge) till after it didn’t work and need help from the readers to point out errors omission and commission. (To this day when coming onto Pewter Report you can get an OOPS!)

The two of us that ran the Predictions game were told PR would take it over. They designed a new one and it only lasted a year and with less players.  In the original game players from the other 3 teams in the division

The 3-4 times a year G2G eventually worked its way into meetings at the stadium  for away games, but no more meetings in the off season.

Bottom line the camaraderie slowly but surely disappeared and with it board activity. (Readers used to email to each other)

These are only the major items as I see them-there are others less important but contributing.

Adding all this up, plus the powers that be that seem to “worship” the hiring of Lovie and the “he can do no wrong attitude” by the PR staff , just added to it for me.

Now I check in when I remember. It used to be this is where I spent the first 10 minutes of my day. Inow got to PFT and PFW.

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