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Surprised more people don’t like John Ross in the first round. Would be the home run threat that Koetter is clamoring for. Undersized at 5’11, but could be the bucs KR/PR, and would look great across from Mike Evans. Could score any time he touches the ball. Not something the bucs have had since Joey Galloway.

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He got exposed going up against Bama’s press coverage. He’d be a non-factor against any physical corner he went up against in the NFL

can’t disagree, however, Mike Evans is best stopped by big physical corner as well, so if teams had to choose one to shut down, it would be Mike 9 out of 10 times. How many teams have two big physical above average corners? not too many honestly.. plus could find ways to get him into open space with relative ease. (bubble screens, end arounds, reverses, etc. Dude is going to be a stud mark my words. Plus bama’s defense can shut down just about any receiver (though admittedly Mike Williams did pretty damn good against them)

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