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He’s a great player and it sucks that we let him go for DOUG MARTIN. This is what bad teams do. We create a need (RB, by letting Blount go) then we draft a RB in the first round (wasted 1st rd pick) and we let his contract year fool us into paying him. GENIUS! I’m going with C

Talk about building a strawman. We drafted Martin THEN we let Blount go not the other way around. We didn’t create any need then draft to fill it. Hope you had fun with all that hay. You tore that straw dude up!

Nice dude! Except for the fact that we drafted Martin TO REPLACE BLOUNT; IE it made him expendable. In 2012 when they both played for the Bucs: Martin 319 carries Blount 41 carries We drafted Martin to get rid of Blount the following offseason. Super simple stuff.

Right, super simple stuff. No idea why you got it wrong in the first place but you did. Don’t blame me for that. I didn’t screw up my post you screwed up yours and in no way did we “create a need (RB, by letting Blount go) THEN we draft a RB in the first round (wasted 1st rd pick) ” as we had no need when we drafted Martin nor did we create one when we let Blount go. Look I don’t want to argue with you. I agree that letting Blount go was a mistake but your spinning in the second post aside to try not to admit you screwed up, we did nothing like what you originally claimed. Man up and admit you were wrong. It’s pretty clear that you were. The two ideas you expressed are in no way the same thing as your second scenario never creates a need which was the point of your criticism of the Bucs in the first place. We never did what you criticized us for. Super simple stuff.

I don’t wanna argue with you so I’ll just try and get the last word and jab in… Good stuff bro.

You are right in that I shouldn’t have said “then” but all of the points remain the same. We are still created holes and filling them. Drafting Martin wasn’t necessary… We had Blount who was more than serviceable… In fact, when it comes the pass catching out of the backfield Martin has been a huge disappointment.

We didn’t need Martin then, we needed to keep our talent and build out.

It sounds like we are mostly in agreement so no point in arguing over my semantical error.

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