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He’s a great player and it sucks that we let him go for DOUG MARTIN. This is what bad teams do. We create a need (RB, by letting Blount go) then we draft a RB in the first round (wasted 1st rd pick) and we let his contract year fool us into paying him. GENIUS! I’m going with C

It appears he can only play for the Patriots. He failed with the Steelers. The last time I checked they had a nice running game going on there. I say he will be at about 75 yards.

He played fantastic for us… Steelers he had the pot thing with Bell, and Bell was meant to be the new RB in town.

He played a few good games, didn’t know the playbook, hit the wrong holes on running plays, could not catch the ball out of the back field, late for team meetings, pretended he could give a rat’s ass about the team, etc., etc.

He has the same career catch conversion rate as Doug Martin: both convert about 70% of balls thrown their way. In 2011 Blount caught 15 balls for 148 yards with the Bucs… far from stellar, but solid enough to get the job done. Blount 7.3 yards per catch Martin 8.3 yards per catch Further, Martin hits the wrong holes all the time, and is now suspended. I could talk about injuries, but we all know how that looks..

Difference is Martin can pass block, is more versatile, and not a cancer in the locker room. Martin studied the playbook and knew his role on the team. You are pulling Martin hitting the right holes out your butt.

Martin is terrible at reading holes but with Sims out there he looks elite. Sims might be the worst true RB I’ve ever seen in terms of vision.

Blount has better vision than Martin as it stands. Your assessment of Blount’s time here is exaggerated.

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