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Just watched Mixon vs. Auburn and he had four runs for no gain.  He didn’t have any carries for a loss. I can understand people not wanting him on their team but his vision and explosiveness is rare throw in the fact in 4 games that I have watched I have seen 2 one handed catches.  Mixon is dripping with talent and doesn’t have much wear and tear on him.

Do me a favor when you watch Chiefs tomorrow night remember that Tyreek Hill who the NFL like to show on their promos.  Pled guilty to punching his pregnant girlfriend in the mouth busting her lip, punching her in the stomach and choking her.  Hill is not only in the NFL but being promoted by the league.  I’m not saying it’s right or wrong it just is what it is.

Mixon will be in this league and I want talented players on the team I get behind.  Do I want them to be all great guys sure…I won’t stop watching if Mixon is  on this team.  Licht has said numerous times you can take player who has done something bad you can’t take a bad guy.  Luckily I don’t have to figure out which one he is.

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