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Didn’t Gruden bring in about 20 new players though mostly on offense that were on the Super Bowl roster? That’s hardly Dungy’s team. Dungy’s defense for sure, but the entire team roster certainly was different.

Defense was the reason we won. He won with Dungy’s players. Period.

Typically when someone tries to end a discussion with “Period” it means they have nothing to actually back up their claim.

Gruden won with his team, while he was winning Dungy was getting blown out in the first round 41-0 with a future HOF QB.

A team isn’t only one unit, it’s three units. He infused this team with a lot of new players and win with his team. What blows up the argument is that even if you believe this crap it makes Dungy look worse that he couldn’t win with his own players

Translated……..Sapp Brooks, Barber,Lynch and Rice were here already and they are the reason we won. So Gruden won with Dungy’s players. Don’t beat yourself up over it, it’s not your fault.

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