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It’s fine to be caught in the moment but, anyone with eyes could see that until the playoffs, Bama faced one legit QB, Chad Kelly, and he did some damage to them. So to hear “this may be the best Bama defense ever”, became a bit nauseating. Just like with Clemson saying “Are we the best Natty champs ever, we beat the past 4 national champions on our way to the ring.” No, stop losing to Pittsburgh and NC State, then maybe you are in a top 10 of sorts.

That’s because it was the best and most talented defense in Alabama football history you moron.

Go learn football. Please…………pretty please. They faced some of the worst quarterbacking in the country. When they faced a QB worth a crap, Chad Kelly, Deshaun Watson, they got scorched. I don’t even need to look this up but if Bama gave up almost 500 yards through the air to a QB that was beaten by Pitt and NC State, then, there is zero chance that this was Bama’s best defense ever. You look cheap saying such nonsense.

Are you telling us you know football?..lol

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