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I love how these same players keep getting brought up.  It’s tiresome.

Everyone agrees letting Bennett go was a huge mistake.  It seems Schiano didn’t like him and Dominik went along.  I argued at the time it made sense to save the money with a player like Bowers, obviously that was grossly wrong – and obvious as soon as Bennett signed for only $5 million.

Talib and Blount were let go because they were problem children. Talib himself has said he would’ve gotten in more trouble in Tampa.  Does everyone forget him assaulting a cab driver, shooting a family members boyfriend, plus other stuff?  The Bucs were fortunate to get anything for a player that was trying to get kicked out of the league and already had been suspended.

As for Blount, he’s a limited role player on his 4th team. He’s not half the back Martin is and was a headcase here.  He’s not that good, but the Patriots find a role for him and use him for that.  Just look at last night, where they only handed the ball to him 8 times (for 38 yards). 2016 was the first time he topped 800 yards since 2010 – and had a 3.9 yard average.

Letting Bennett go was a huge mistake.  Blount and Talib were not mistakes at all.  The only way to argue this is to stick your head in the sand and remain ignorant of history.

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