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Don’t understand your beef with the Dolphins, but ok…. I’d rather see a Falcons loss more than anything though…. still waiting, unfortunately.

Historically, it goes back to the days when the Bucs were starting out as an expansion team and Miami was shown every week on TV while the Bucs were only shown 7 times a year while Miami got all 14! Horrible hate towards the franchise by WFLA. This is Tampa not Miami! I am not a big fan of Atlanta because of R McKay but also dislike Panthers and New Orleans.

Don’t hate Rich McKay. If anything, hate Gruden for running him out of town.

Rich McKay is the enemy now.  I have the same problem with John Lynch who continues to hold a grudge against Tampa.

That aside this thread is about the Cryboy’s which by listening to Shannon Sharpe vs Skip Bayless for the first and probably only time I got to hear again why Dallas has its most appropriate name.. “CRYBOYS” as Lil cheerleader Skippy continued showing the world with his diatribe why the name fits.   lol

Dallas is not America’s Team despite Skip’s lifelong quest to label them for America…  Has Dallas won a Super Bowl or NFC championship since the BUCS?


Answer NO!    Watching them take the gas pipe warms my heart!

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