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Do people honestly think we are going to replace Donovan Smith? Or Dotson for that matter? Or do you just want to draft a OT for depth?

Dotson’s breaking down. He’s not going to make through another season.

Yeah, we’ve got to give Dotson some competition this off season. Cherilus is as good as gone, but other options already on the roster that could compete include Benenoch, Pamphile and Wester. If Sweezy can come back healthy this year, we will have some options with those guys mentioned above.

The other option is bringing in a FA RT to battle Dotson in camp. That may be the better option, but most FA that are worth a damn cost big money and you don’t want to pay a guy to be a back up, so if we go with a FA RT, that may spell the end of Dotson.

We shall see.

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