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He would? Debatable. Not everyone is the Cowboys. First round backs have been largely disappointing. He has an issue with maturity and his temper. He isn’t worth drafting unless it is a fifth or sixth rounder. Baggage and trust.

All time leading rushers;

1. E. Smith

2. W. Payton

3. B. Sanders

4. C. Martin

5. L. Tomlinson

6. J. Bettis

7. E. Dickerson

8. F. Gore

9. T. Dorsett

10. J. Brown

11. M. Faulk

12. E. James

13. M. Allen

14> F. Harris

All but Martin and Gore were first round draft picks. If you go down to 25, I think there is only another 1 or 2 that was not drafted in the first round.

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