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All 4 field goal attempts were from 50+ yards. And both kickers went 2 for 2. Must be fucking nice…


Pretty ridiculous to see people on here pinning the Cowboys loss on Dak Prescott. The dude was 24/38 (still 63% with multiple drops), 302 yards, 3 TD, and 1 Int. He was accurate and poised all game. Prescott didn’t lose this game. Rod Marinelli’s defense got torched by one the best QB’s to ever rip it. I’m not sure anybody else that has ever played could have made that last throw while scrambling to his left. An absolute seed.

As someone else pointed out, Dak was throwing to wide open receivers. Nothing difficult about his day. That will not continue. His team stayed healthy throughout the season for the most part and he had all day to throw. Under pressure, he has proven to be pretty pedestrian. Almost zero tight contested throws yesterday. Most QBs in the NFL could do what Dak did yesterday. Cowboys should have run the ball more and they would have won the game. The future for this Cowboy’s team is not nearly as bright as the goofy media would have you believe today. So many thought they would win it all this season. Lol.

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