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The Bucs don’t win the Super Bowl with Tony Dungy but they don’t win it without him.   Jon Gruden brought in the players that made the difference (Pittman, McCardell, Jurevicius, Dilger and Oben) on offense.

And as for giving Sam Wyche credit for drafting Warren Sapp and Derrick Brooks, please.    He was coach when the two of them were drafted.  The selections were the work of Rich McKay and Jerry Angelo.  McKay made the trades that gave us the 12th and 28th picks in the first round.   If Wyche was such a great coach, how come he had Lynch buried on the depth chart for so long?

Or as Warren put it, “Tony Dungy baked the cake, Jon Gruden took it out of the oven and put the icing on top.  Sam Wyche couldn’t have even gotten the mix out of the box”.

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