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One thing about Jameis, he is doing more with less…. You won’t find a worse WR group 2-8 as you will with the Bucs. He also doesn’t have an elite OL or even a good OL.. He also doesn’t have an Elite RB only an average stable of backs. If Jameis had around him what Big Ben has around him, the Bucs would have the best offense in the league (or at least top 3).

Ugh, this is a terrible argument. He has a top 5 WR at his disposal and a pretty average cast beyond that, but he was just that average. It’s not like he overcame those weaknesses and was a top 5 QB himself. He had average talent and provided average results. Most QBs would kill just to have one talent like Mike Evans on the team. He performed how he performed, and it’s not elite (yet). Hopefully he gets there, but saying he doesn’t have the talent around him to succeed is a cop-out because outside of maybe 2-3 rosters in the league everyone has the same problems. Rodgers offensive talent is a joke, yet he’s winning. Brady always gets it done with a stable of who’s that? type offensive cast. The one year he had a Mike Evans type talent he broke all the records. Making the team better with better offensive weapons is needed, but to justify Winston’s performance and try to frame it as ‘not his fault’ is nonsense. In the salary cap/free agency era you’re not likely to ever have a stacked team and if you do, you won’t have it for long, so he needs to step up and be a difference maker in his own right and not have to rely on superior talent to have success.

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