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Dak played average to above average. Yes, his receivers dropped passes, but Jameis, especially his rookie season, had receivers drop an alarming amount of balls. You have to put that behind you and move on.

I counted four passes that should have been picked off yesterday, and then the spike gaffe late in the game. He’s extremely lucky he only had one INT. The read on the deep throw to no one in particular that actually was picked off was an egregious throw, and one that might have cost his team the game because Dallas was driving.

All this talk about how amazing he is, and he still only had 23 TD passes this season. Want to know why? Because Dallas calls easy plays for him and didn’t want to risk a rookie making a mistake deep in the red zone. When Dak actually has to throw the ball deep, he’s not very good at all. He had the one TD to Bryant on a deep throw yesterday that was on the money, but that was garbage defensive play calling by Green Bay to put a subpar CB on their best receiver. The other deep throws by Dak were ugly.

Seriously, rewatch the game yesterday. All of Dak’s success came on slants across the middle where Green Bay gave the receivers ridiculous amounts of cushion. Jameis rarely has anyone running that open down the middle of the field. Those are not hard throws to make, almost every NFL QB, starter or back up, can make them.

He’s a backup QB playing behind a once in a lifetime OL. He’s not improving year two. His entire year was without any real injuries to his OL. Sorry, closet Dallas fan, you just experienced your ceiling until you find a real QB.

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