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Some of you (insert insult here) should be taken out back and shot for these comments. Brady and Manning aren’t special? Holy god… Winston doesn’t have any talent? WTF does Rodgers have? He has a WR playing RB, and average line, no Jordy, and a bunch of average WRs… he has no defense. He is the best QB in the NFL, and it’s by a LARGE MARGIN. Rodgers is elite… Winston is still young, and working to become a franchise QB (he’s not even that yet.) He’ll get to the franchise level, but highly doubtful he ever becomes elite… Time will tell tho. Stop being homers.

Agree with most of this but the Packers have the 2nd best OL in the NFL. Only Cowboys are better IMO. I think people dismiss the Bucs players on offense because they assume it is all on them, but have to accept that Jameis had some bad throws this past season. Brate, Humphries, Shepard, Martino, and Evans is actually are all rising players at the NFL level. Add in another talent opposite of Evans and I am not concerned about “weapons”. My concern is pass blocking as the playoffs showed you need an OT with athletic feet. Dotson used to be that guy, so I am not sure about him anymore. But Donovan Smith is definitely not that type of a player.

ummmm. the Raiders?

I’d say the Cowboys, Raiders, Packers, Steelers and Titans are the top 5. Regardless, the Packers OL is very good.

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