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Didn’t Gruden bring in about 20 new players though mostly on offense that were on the Super Bowl roster? That’s hardly Dungy’s team. Dungy’s defense for sure, but the entire team roster certainly was different.

Defense was the reason we won. He won with Dungy’s players. Period.

With this logic, Gruden still put a team in the Super Bowl that year. Raiders were Gruden’s “team” right? And if not for the stupid tuck rule, Gruden would’ve been there for the ’01 Super Bowl. The “he won with Dungy’s team” argument is ridiculous. The Bucs couldn’t make it over the hump because of offense. And Gruden brought offense. At least for 2002.


With McKay putting the Bucs in Cap Hell there were several handicaps after that Super Bowl win.   I liked Gruden but he indeed had his faults overall as a head coach.

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