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I am not against taking a RB in round 1 (I drove the Stephen Jackson bus to the ditch), but that RB needs to be the complete back and be a hard worker. The difference between pro and collegiate RB’s is the ability to study film and work hard reading blocks. This is why a rookie like Peyton Barber succeeded. Barber succeeded because he has a knack for reading and following his blocks and I look forward to his development. But if Barber had breakaway speed or elite power he could make teams pays with his elite reading ability aka vision ala Clinton Portis. Speaking of Clinton Portis….it seems to me the value of RB’s drafted in rounds 2 and 3 are better than RBs picked late in the first round. Just my two cents.

The biggest thing on RBs is letting them drop and getting their value at a premium. If you reach on one, you will most likely get burned. If one falls to you, it might make more sense to pull the trigger.

Charles Sims was a Rd 3 RB, and that was a HUGE reach. Just one example…

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