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Draft a defensive end. Not this wideout. Bucs need defensive end help. Sacks. Pressures. They do not get consistent pressure. As a result, they won’t win the big games. I am hearing Calais Campbell being mentioned as a person of interest…but the guy is 31, Ayers will be 31,32…Gholston is a run stuffer…Noah is still developing and learning to defend the run. Need another defensive end. Fugging PERIOD!!!

I disagree. The bucs “could” get by at DE next year. (J Smith, Ayers, Spence, Jones, maybe Gholston). We cannot get by next year with the same group of wide outs. We need a true #2 and depth/speed more then we need another DE. If Davis is there at 19, there is no DE(minus Garrett) that I would take over him. No DE would upgrade this team better at 19 then Davis would at wide out.

The lions needed a WR really bad, they got one of the best WR prospects to ever come out. In his second  year he was already the best WR in the league and the Lions proceeded to go 0-16. So I wouldnt be so confident in saying that no DE would upgrade this team more then Davis.

Also, I agree we really cant get by with the same group of wideouts, but I dont think that has to do anything with pick 19. Free agency comes before the draft and Id be shocked if we dont upgrade our group by getting a WR, we may have get two and replace with of the UFAs we have as depth with an actual NFL player like a Goodwin or something. Then wed be going into the draft able to take a WR in the 3rd-4th round, and our teams WR group would be completely re-hauled. Example – Mike Evans, Garcon, Malachi Dupre(3rd round),  Goodwin. So why do we want to use pick 19 on a #2 when the above example is completely realistic?