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Call me crazy but I really like foremon, or dare I say…Joe Mixon kid is a phenomenal talent, we took a shot on jameis, why not Mixon if he falls to 2/3rd. Kid has just as much talent as cooks. Don’t believe me? Go study some of the guys film. There’s a good chance Mixon will sleep pretty deep in the draft from his off field incident.

Mixon is phenomenal, if he’s there in the 2nd it’d be a homerun pick. He’s Lev Bell 2.0 Would absolutely transform the offense.

It’s very rare that a RB transform an offense nowadays, it’s especially to a team whose OL grades out to C+ at best.

To invest in a RB that high means your offensive line is at least above average.

A 2nd round pick for the offense would best used on a OL (Center or OT).

The average shelf life of a NFL RB is about 4 years therefore better value can be found in the later rounds or UDFA.

Team needs supersede drafting a RB that high.