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In my opinion, the ones here screaming for line help will be very disappointed. I am of the belief that the Bucs brass is not in panic mode about the line play as many here are. With the exception of the Center position, none of the other guys are going to the bench and we will have an apparent healthy Sweezy in the mix. With Ayers, J. Smith, N. Spence, Ryan Russell and most likely Gholston back we have some depth at DE. Bucs have McCoy, McDonald, Silaga, Lambert, and possibly A. Spence at DT, not like the cupboard is completely bare as it is at the skill positions.

Dude, Lambert is garbage.

Jack Smith is coming off an ACL, I don’t care how common that is anymore, is not worth gambling on that he’ll be back to the same player he was.

You saw how awful our D was when Ayers went down. He’s now a year older. I can’t expect him to be healthy for 16 games.

Noah Spence is a beast, but he’s going to be coming into the season rehabbing his shoulder.

Ghloston is still a question mark, and not a pass rusher anyways.

McDonald did jack shit last year.

A. Spence is JAG.

We need DL help.

I’ve heard Koetter mention it many times now. The top metric that leads to victories in the NFL is turn overs. It’s no coincidence that his 3rd most important metric is sacks, probably because that’s the easiest way to cause turn overs.

You can’t have enough DL that can pressure the QB, they are game changers.

I do agree with you on OL though. I think they’ll tinker with it a little bit at Center, but I think their main focus to fix the Offense right now is to get weapons for Winston.

But never stop getting pass rushers, especially since WE NEED THEM!