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It’s all about value… as other posters and I have mentioned, the shelf life of a RB is 4-5 years. An offensive lineman or defensive lineman can easily play for 8-10 years. A QB can play for 15 years. The only way you can justify taking a RB is if the talent and value far exceed your positioning OR your have a luxury pick (mostly meaning your offensive line is set.) RB is a luxury pick… You can find an Arian Foster UDFA no freaking problem. We need to stop panicking and build from within. We need gurth. We are missing 5-7 legit starters. Let our young RBs like Barber who are hungry go out and prove something.

So dont draft Cook because we already have Peyton Barber? Were you the ‘dont draft a WR’ because we have Kenny Bell guy from last year?

You can upgrade the RB position without using premium picks.

Take Jordan Howard for instance, a 5th round pick.