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In my opinion, the ones here screaming for line help will be very disappointed. I am of the belief that the Bucs brass is not in panic mode about the line play as many here are. With the exception of the Center position, none of the other guys are going to the bench and we will have an apparent healthy Sweezy in the mix. With Ayers, J. Smith, N. Spence, Ryan Russell and most likely Gholston back we have some depth at DE. Bucs have McCoy, McDonald, Silaga, Lambert, and possibly A. Spence at DT, not like the cupboard is completely bare as it is at the skill positions.

J. Smith?…not a guy you can rely on to play 16 games. McDonald and Spence are probably among the worse NTs in the league. Kwon and LVD missed too many tackles. The why I preach that the Bucs Front Seven needs help. Per PPF Bucs defensive front among worst according to Pro Football Focus 25. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Top overall grade: DT Gerald McCoy, 85.2 Lowest overall grade: NT Clinton McDonald, 40.6 “The amount of holes that the Bucs continue to field along their defensive line is staggering,” Pro Football Focus’ Mike Renner wrote. “Robert Ayers made up for that a bit, with 25 combined sacks and hits on the year, but they still were forced to give Davonte Lambert 374 snaps—in return he repaid them with one total pressure all year long. Tampa Bay’s linebacker duo of Kwon Alexander and Lavonte David, while good in coverage, missed a combined 36 tackles this season, third-most of any duo.”

Both of our LBs have alligator arms. I hear people say ‘if he is a great player the measurables dont matter’ but at the nfl level they do matter. I like our LBs but Im in agreeance that these guys could both be upgraded.

The problem there is do you spend a premium pick on a great player to replace a good player when you have a plethora of holes to fill elsewhere?

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(Justin) Evans will be far superior to (Budda) Baker in the pros.

Dan Skipper Sucks! (lost bet)
Update – UDFA Dan Skipper has been signed by the Dallas Cowboys