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What really separates him as a prospect is his ability to run after the catch.

He’s got great hands, he high points the ball very well, can make acrobatic catches, he boxes out. He reminds me quite a bit of Antonio Gates.

Everyone seems to be settling for just Brate, but I think Brate’s stats are a little inflated due to Jameis not having anyone else to throw to besides Evans.

I love Cam Brate, but he can’t run after the catch, and he can be covered by athletic linebackers and safeties.

Njoku is raw as a blocker, but he’s willing and he’s powerful, he just needs to be coached up.

Plus I love the ability to run two TE sets.

To me, Njoku is a better athlete than Howard (my eyeball test) and may have higher overall potential, he’s just raw as a blocker and a route runner, but he’s only 20 years old!

I would be totally on board with Njoku at 19.