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If you gonna slam Njoku for production then the same has to be said for OJ Howard. He’s played 4 years and has little to show for it. At least Njoku has a season of 45 catches 700 yards and 8 TDs. Howard has 7 TDs in 4 years. howard had what 600 yards this year in 15 (!) games. Njoku had 700 yards in 12.

Right, but OJ Howard had very good production as a blocker. That is the difference. One guy starts the season in the lineup from day one, thye other you are spending extra hours with trying to coach him up just so you can put him on the field.

Difference between what? So OJ howard should be a top 20 pick because he can block but has 4 years of lackluster production but Njoku is a 2nd round pick at best because he can’t block but has 4 years worth of touchdowns and yards in only 2 years?

hes also 2 years younger.