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Whose roster spot is this first round TE taking?

– 1st round TE

– Brate

– Stocker

– Cross as basically H-back (but likely active on most game-days given how much Koetter loves TEs).

* Westbrook deactivated for most games and possibly sneak him onto the PS if they think he won’t be poached.


Looks pretty straight-forward to me.  Koetter and Jameis both love 12 personnel and Koetter changes his game plan according to his personnel.  Bucs move up to the Ravens/Bengals level of mid-40s % plays in 12 personnel.  Both Brate and whatever 1st TE they would pick-up would be able to play Hybrid-Slot/Flex for effectively an 11 personnel look.  Both TEs would be able to see a theoretical 70 + % of snaps (barring injury) with those personnel groupings plus jumbo.

With Howard, pass protection, run-blocking, and predictability based on down-and-distance and personnel groupings improves.