Re: Re: 1st to say it after last Tuesday– Ted Cruz Should Drop Out of The Race!


Cruz is a Black and White candidate with no Gray.Trump is indeed the unknown that the republican establishment holds little influence.  ie He can't be bought by special interests that they are already beholden.  That scares the Hell out of RINO's that have always put their own self interest above the will of the people that elected them.Cruz won't get anything done with his lack of being able to close any deal.  Trump is the best choice because that is what he does best which will always be to the best benefit to America.  It is no wonder many foreign powers are lining up to fund Hillary which will keep the Tail(rest of the world) wagging the Dog( America).I still believe a Trump/Rubio ticket would be best for the party but Lil Marco seems resolved to have his name not under consideration.  A Trump/ Kasich ticket would probably have the most appeal to the voters and establishment.  Trump/Cruz?  Would be the best choice to appease the radical Right Wing. Sadly, it appears too many in the population are far too sensitive at this time to the bombastic Trump and they are just too wussified to accept him as their choice. Losers seldom support winners. That takes character and that is severely lacking in government today. 

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