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Interesting thoughts. As for the nickname, it is likely the most inaccurate of all.  The man might do a lot of things that incite the other side, by lying to them is not one.  He is pretty straightforward.

As a resident of Texas for most of my life and during Cruz's entire time in Congress, I have paid attention to him and the things he has done, the public statements he has made, the votes he has cast. I'll say that he is definitely consistent, but not necessarily honest. He is just like a politician in that he plays loosely with the facts and twists them when speaking to his supporters and the American people. He is no different than many other politicians in this regard, despite what he portrays himself as being. Some don't put much value in to politifact. They currently have Cruz at around 6% of being "TRUE" in his statements. It's just a sample or small taste, but from my POV, it's fairly accurate.

As you undoubtedly are aware no one member of Congress (especially the Senate) is able to shut down the government.

No, it would have taken a collective to force a shut down. A collective that Ted Cruz was volleying for and trying to collect on multiple occasions. Everything I have seen on Cruz over the past 3 years screams self serving obstructionist.

The nonsense of omnibus spending is one of the most arcane of all processes.  It is time for the "budget" to be at least broken into segments to allow members to properly represent their beliefs and those of their constituents.

I think there are very few true "small/limited government" Republicans in Congress. Republicans hate big Government, except for the instances where they love big government.   

The cartels are easily identified I would think.  That lies with the two party system and those insiders who would control the political and to an extent the economic policies of this country.  Some call them fat cats, the rich... whatever.  If one were to look at the two candidates (one from each party) that recognize the cartels (or the 1% rich folks) you are left with Bernie and Cruz - they are both anti cartel/rich folks/fat cats... 

He votes with Republicans on a lot of issues regarding continuing our oligarchy. His message only recently has pivoted to speaking out against money and power being funneled to the "fat cats" and has more of a populist tone on some stances, but his voting record doesn't always reflect this.

Insofar as compromise - that has become a thing of the past.  Clearly both parties have shown they do not willingness to accept anything less they their demands.  Check the Senator from Nevada and the Senator from Kentucky, the last two "Leaders" of the Senate.  They both should have been discharged from their positions given their performances over the last 8 years.  No one could convince any rational American that their conduct warranted less then dismissal.

Both sides of the isle dig in and are more hard line than we've seen in a bit. Both sides share blame for the polarization we have seen growing the last few decades. Compromise still happens, just a lot less of it, especially on issues that the public cares about and Congressmen have to stand firm for perception purposes.