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From what I’ve heard and read, Derek Carr is a good QB as long as there is no pressure, but if there is pressure he folds.How comfortable would that make you feel heading into a playoff game against Seattle? The funny thing is, David Carr had the same problem. Makes you wonder if they both lack peripheral vision or that sixth sense QBs like Brees, Russel Wilson, or our own late great Jeff Garcia had.All I'm asking for is for us to have a real discussion about Carr as a QB prospect. PR has intimated that the Bucs might have him ranked above all other QBs in this draft, and if so, I'd like to know why. The reasons he gave were the reasons I mentioned at the top of this thread. I am asking that PR dig deeper than that.Our ranking of the QBs in this draft is not a minor issue, folks. How far back did it set our franchise when we drafted Josh Freeman? 6 years? Given the quality of the free agents we have acquired this off season, we are unlikely to ever pick this high in the draft again in the next 5 years. And we have acquired a stop-gap QB for 2 years. So chances are very very good that we are betting the next 6 years of our franchise on the QB we pick this year.  If we draft Carr at Nr. 7, which many signs are pointing to, Licht won't be able to walk away from him for at least 4 years, much like Dom couldn't walk away from Freeman. That is why I am concerned.

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