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Lovie Smith is not drafting Derek Carr because of his religious beliefs. If, he drafts him, it will be based on his thinking that he is the answer long-term answer at quarterback. Now if it is between Carr and another QB, based strictly on ability, yes Lovie could select Carr because of his character AND the fact he has known the kid since he was six years old. Whether it should be a factor or not is up for debate, but you can’t dismiss the connection of knowing someone. Tampa Bay took a QB in 2009, partly because of a connection. The Bucs drafted a USC running back, years ago, based on a connection. It happens all the time. But again SR is not saying anyone is being drafted strictly based on a religious belief. Carr is making more and more sense with the signing of McCown in my opinion though. Very similar athlete, demeanor etc. And McCown will be a great mentor to Carr or whoever is the next drafted QB or even Glennon for that matter. Make no mistake that is one of several reason McCown is here. And McCown even said it on NFL Network this weekend, he will do whatever is asked including helping groom someone to take his place.

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