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bve, Booker also added that David Carr “might not have loved football”.  That’s not about football skills, but about “what’s inside”.  Coach Schiano, also a man of faith, stated he wanted players 1) that had a passion for the game, i.e., eat, sleep, breathe football,  2)  leaders.  Those were qualities in addition to 40 times, completion percentage, tackles for loss, etc.  Did Coach Schiano hit a home run with every pick using this type of character priority?  No, but he did as good as I’ve seen in a long, long, time and the evaluation of character had a lot to do with it.Regarding Lovie recruiting free agents and drafting players who are professing Christians, I seriously doubt that he puts that as #1 on his list.  But there's nothing wrong if it sways him some in liking the prospect, especially if the player's off the field lifestyle matches his professing faith, ex, won't be found at the "clubs" at 3 AM.  I'm also very sure if the player's faith doesn't match Lovie's but loves football and stays out of trouble,  Lovie would be interested as long as the football skills are there. It's football skills AND what's inside.

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