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True Jay, but in this case, it’s even more than that – he’s actually worked with Carr on some level. I've been digging more into Bortles - man, there is a lot to like, but so much to dislike. His velocity seems to fluctuate throw to throw, and even for a non-QB guru guy like me, the mechanical issues are pretty obvious. I may not be able to draw up an ideal QB throwing motion, but I know how weight-transfer works in various sports and there are times where it appears non-existent.  His back leg is funky and there's a lot of throws where his feet remind me of a golfer trying to accommodate a big hook or slice by setting up off-target. It seems to me this QB class could be quite good if they are given time and land in the right spots. But seems like lots of guys need work. I wonder given Tedford's background if we aren't as afraid of trying to fix a players mechanics as some other teams might be.

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