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Spartan, you missed my points, which are:1. In several articles, not just this one, PR has said that family connections and religious affiliation are reasons to draft Derek Carr. I agree that it is fine if they report that the FO sees these as reasons to draft Carr, but I would also expect them to be highly critical of these justifications for drafting a given player. In other Bucs matters, e.g. cutting Revis, PR both reported cutting him, and editorialized on it. I expect PR to criticize the team when they are in error, and praise them when they agree with them. PR is more than a newswire, they provide perspective.2. The free agents the Bucs signed may have mostly -- or all -- been Christians, but I did not take the article to mean that these were the main reasons we were signing them. It seemed this is what drove those free agents to sign with us, but all these players made good football sense as well, as PR has noted. Whereas with Carr, PR has yet to make a football argument for drafting him ahead of the 1st tier QBs at Nr. 7 overall.

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