Re: Re: 2014 NFL Draft….Rating the Top 15 Quarterback Prospects


What's the story on Mariota 's demeanor?

He's kind of a quiet, stoic guy unlike Manziel who is fired up all the time. Not a bad thing, but after years of Freeman and now Glennon I'm hoping to root for the more outwardly passionate player.  I wouldn't call it a weakness on Mariota's part, though.

They've been saying that from the start of the year as a knock on him but honestly I don't see it... He's stoic and not the rah rah type of QB but I always see him talking up his guys.

I agree.  I do think that with the Tampa fanbase being so disinterested a guy like Manziel may be able to put butts in the seats a lot sooner than Mariota.  Once Mariota started putting up some wins and making some big plays the fans would likely start to trickle back in, though.  I don't think the Bucs could go wrong either way.

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