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This is an under discussed issue on these boards:"including if Williams rebounds from a poor 2013 season and if his head is in the right place to excel. Williams' off-field shenanigans were something that was extremely concerning to the previous staff, and it will be interesting to see how Smith and new general manager Jason Licht will handle it"Many seem to expect pre-injury, pre-contract performance from Williams as a given, but if you add a "fitness" injury to the guy's tweets since he went down, Williams could end up being the classic "I got my deal" guy, a guy who never performs to the same level after he got paid.  I hope I am wrong about that, but all of his tweets are about partying and only a few weeks ago he tweeted something about spending $30K on dinner because he could. mike williams sr ?@Mikebuc19  Jan 14  You ever see 30 grand go by in three hours ????? Watch me tonight!!!.... 5k tip now. >>> just cause I can! Don't believe me just watchNot sure about him

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