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Yo, here be some perspective to show how bad we been.2009-2013: 28-52 - no playoff berths2004-2008: 39-42 - 2 playoff berths1999-2003: 49-31 - 4 playoff berths and Super Bowl titleHow do you fire Gruden and Allen and not fire Schiano and Marky Mark? Man, over the past 10 seasons we are 67-94 and we haven't won a playoff game in 12 seasons. The fans can only take so much losing dawg. We cant fire the Glazers but if we could we would.

Gruden and Allen took over a SB winning team filled with all pros and future HOFers. Dom took over a horrible team (Gruden and Alllens accomplishment btw) and was 'forced' to produce with the youngest and cheapest roster in the NFL for the 1st 3 years, coached by a guy not looking like a HC at all. Last two years he was allowed to spend alot of money and brought in some Talent(not much of an accomplisment considering the money he had to spend), just the HC has an even lower win% then 'Radio Raheem'.Im not saying Dom did much, nor am i trying to tell anyone that he did enough to earn a job in 2014, but just looking at his record is BS...totally forgetting about the cirumstances.

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