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When I see the one that says #1 Buckner,  that is the option

buckner is a legit prospect who would be an excellent addition to the DL, no doubt about it. however he seems to be more of a 3-4 DE to me, and i wouldn't be surprised if he's gone by the time TB picks at 9 (SD, baltimore, dallas, jacksonville?)

I honestly think it's going to come down to either Hargreaves or Buckner for us. I think one will drop and they will be BPA on our board. I think Ogbah intrigues them but not until late first or second round.

the decision to keep banks/verner and then to go out and sign two FA CB's makes me think that the team might not draft a CB with their first couple picks. i really think if the team is going to pick a player that isnt a DL/OL early its going to be a WR if anything