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It's just funny that we went from a bronze we called pewter, to charcoal we call hard is it to choose an medium grey that actually represents pewter? Whether you love or hate the new uniforms, you have to admit it is pretty fuggin crazy that the entire Buccaneers organization has not been able to figure out what color pewter actually is in 20 years. Mind boggling.

+1.Pewter is actualy much lighter of a color. More silver than grey. Although it is notorious for darkening with age. I bought a new truck once that was "pewter" color and it was not the right color either. It was actually more of a dull bronze color.Its like calling something copper color that is actually green. (the color of old unattended to copper)

Is it not possible that Pewter could come in multiple shades?

Impossible !! Pewter looks like an old coffee mug I saw on Google. No other shade !!

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