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Here were some mockups I saw that I REALLY liked. There are just a couple changes that I’d make. I'd want a pewter jersey with white pants instead of pewter. I just don't like the all pewter look. For another alternate look, I'd have the orange with pewter pants and pewter helmet (but with Bucco Bruce on the side). You could also wear this look with white pants. This would allow the Bucs to still have kind of a throwback game. With the new NFL rules on wearing the same helmet for the whole year...the team would just have to swap stickers for a week. You also might have to tweak the colors of Bucco Bruce as this uniform has no red in it. They could either add in a hint of red (kind of the way they do now with the orange) or just change the red to black in the Bucco Bruce logo.This would give the Bucs 3 home options and then the standard away white on pewter or white on white. The home options would be the standard red, the pewter, and then orange once a year for the throwback game. The only problem is that the Bucs wear white for half the year so really they only get to wear the red 3-4 it might not make sense to have a 3rd or 4th jersey.TampaBayBuccaneers_zpse3150ad5.png

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