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....and a matte pewter helmet (like what Jax, Minnesota and Seattle have).  Matte helmets would be sick!

I agree 100%. Pewter is suppose to our thing that sets us apart, but we haven't got it quite right. Pewter is a easy to make metal alloy heavily used a few hundred years ago. It was mostly tin and almost always a dull matte finish and grey in color with hints of blue or green. Our "pewter" is more of a brown and our helmets are glittery like an old car with a metallic paint job. Our unis were so awesome when they came out 20 years ago and really got the fan base hyped and ushered in a new era of Buccaneer football. It feels like we could use another revamp and it makes too much sense for us to have matte pewter helmets for it not to happen.If they can make helmets that look like aged leather, then I am sure they can make a helmet that appears to be actual pewter.532756_362899907092193_127620767286776_933982_36462536_n.jpgActual Pewter...14279908_1_l.jpg  fig28-cci-pewter-from-img0399.jpgimage3.jpg DIAMOND-CUT-PATTERN-PEWTER.jpgOur "pewter"....Miami%2BDolphins%2Bv%2BTampa%2BBay%2BBuccaneers%2BO4Dx_4j4ZSwl.jpg

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