Re: Re: According to Dirk, we may be trading Glennon.


A couple of weeks ago in another thread, someone scoffed when I suggested that Glennon would most likely have to be re-signed in order to trade him for any draft pick of  great value, i.e, a 2nd rounder. Since then, we’ve heard rumors of the Bucs attempting to re-sign him.  Either re-signed by the Bucs then traded, or a trade contingent on a new contract.  Glennon holds all the cards now.  A team might part with a 3rd or 4th for one year of Glennon, but anything higher will require a new contract, which means Glennon can accept/reject the team/situation.  He wants out of here yesterday, but he can wait one more year if necessary.  Just my opinion.

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