Re: Re: According to Dirk, we may be trading Glennon.


Plan AI think the real target in this is ARI.I would take 29 straight up for Glennon. Even give them back a day three pick this year/day two pick next year.  He's a good fit for their offense. And there is a Licht connection.Plan B - Alternatively - Ari will wait to see who is on the board at 29...  if no QB, then Arizona's third and one of their fifth's this year for Glennon.  (So we could package and trade back up into the second  for a  DT/DE/CB/WR.)/Glennon trade pie-in-the-sky dream sequence.

Makes sense, Palmer is so fragile at this point. And even when he can stay upright, he fades in the playoffs. Other than that they have a nice team, well coached.

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