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I'd hate to lose this kid.  He is a starter on half the teams in this league.  We need to maximize his value here.  I would be asking for a 1st and 2nd.

Half the teams?

Hmmmmm....He'd be an upgrade over the following:Goff, Wentz in their first yearRGIII in ClevelandQBs on the roster in DenverGabbert in SF......I don't think Kap is there at the beginning of the yearCousins in WASHQBs on the Jets rosterBradford in Philly (considering both are healthy, I think Glennon is on par but much better value)Any QB on the Houston rosterAny QB on the Rams rosterBridgewater in MINNProbably a wash with Cutler in Chicago due to his injury historyRoughly a third of the teams out there would probably be better (value considered) off with Glennon. When you consider that guys like Brees and Palmer won't be around much longer, that widens the aperture a bit. I'm not saying Glennon is worth a first rounder but I think there is a market for him out there. I fully believe that there is no way he signs an extension here.

highlighted..... Also, though I don't see him being Traded to the Browns, 49ers or Cards due to the following Wentz/RGIII, Goff, Palmer/Henson just re-signed....I really could see the Jets, Rams (But, I think Fisher is clueless and their GM wont TRADE they really don't want to Win until they have their Stadium built in LA) and my Dark Horse team that may just do that due to them being in CAP Hell = The DENVER BRONCO'S!!! Denver has to get under 16.6M under the CAP to Draft this Year and have OKung sign his Contract! They need to Trade/release the following! Clady + Ward  will get them to somewhere around 12.8M that will only get them to be around 800K under the CAP post DRAFT! They may have to move someone else like Sanders that would get them to around 3.6M under the CAP post DRAFT!And BTW, they have to be UNDER the CAP by 6.6M the DAY BEFORE they ENTER into the DRAFT or they Don't DRAFT!!!!! Year         Total Liabilities   Salary Cap (Projected)       Cap Room2016 $151,884,745     $153,533,441               $1,648,696They have 10 picks this year including COMPENSATORY PICKS they need 6.6M just for the DRAFT!Denver's #1 and Sanders + 3rd Round Compensatory Pick = the Equivalent so they can field an entire DRAFT for 2016 = 6.7M in CAP SPACE for Denver..... They would then need $$$ For Glennon or any QB they bring in! So, they would include Ward for a 2017 3rd rounder!Denver Trades:2016 #1  = - 1.5MWR Emmanuel Sanders = - 5.6MS TJ Ward = - 3.25MPick #98 3rd round COMP Pick = - 610Kfor Mike Glennon= + 1.6M2016 Pick #183 6th Rounder = + 485K2017 3rd rounder #80's = + 655K in 2017....In this scenario Denver gets to complete their Draft in 2016 and get Glennon as their QB of the future! And it allows Denver to deal with Clady post draft!