Re: Re: According to Dirk, we may be trading Glennon.

Inactive ARTHUR ARKUSH -- aarkush@profootballweekly.comPublished: March 25, 2016 — 1:16 p.m."According to one pro scouting director, Cleveland, believe it or not, was the best possible landing spot for the former No. 2 overall pick. We hear being pairing with Hue Jackson gives RG3 a coach who'll hold him accountable, first and foremost, but also one smart enough to maximize his strengths, rather than try and show the rest of the NFL how smart he is."[...] "Aside from Kaepernick, a two career journeymen in Ryan Fitzpatrick (free agent) and Josh McCown (trade bait) are often mentioned as the next-best options, but we're told neither of them is as attractive as a 26-year-old stuck behind last year's top pick."[Buccaneers QB Mike Glennon] is a sleeper," the source said.Glennon has 18 career starts and a 29:15 touchdown-to-interception ratio. His 83.7 passer rating is nearly three points higher than Fitzpatrick's and more than five points higher than McCown's. Moreover, unlike those two, the 6-foot-6 passer with above average arm strength has the potential to be more than a bridge starter."

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