Re: Re: According to Dirk, we may be trading Glennon.


I think we'll trade Glennon close to the draft or during the draft on the second day. Especially if the Jets situation with Fitzpatrick doesn't improve, I think we'll get their second.

A second would be a great deal for the Jets. I was checking out their board last week and their fans seem to like Mike. He would be the best QB they have had in a very long time.

All his income would go to living expenses. I think the best landing spot for him would be Zona.

I'm sure he will be fine making 7-9 mil per, AJ.

That will get you a broom closet condo in the big apple.

....or a farm in NJ where he is much more likely to reside.

A farm? Mike and Jess enjoy the finer things in life, so to speak.18856462350_44c53eee54.jpgglennon by anti java, on FlickrBanks is more of the farm type guy.25990715281_fb2ce9d060_z.jpgjon banks1 by anti java, on Flickr

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