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Im sorry I guess you have to have to be logged in to facebook to view the page and when I went in under my friend’s facebook to check i couldn’t find the apology on the page. I am facebook friends with him so it might be why I could view it on mine and not on the other. In any case that is his words. also just  in case some people dont know what this is in regards to. Here is  the reason he is apologizing………………………………………………………………… For me this is his one get out of the dog house free card. By all accounts I have seen and by reading his comments and posts he is not a knuckle head at all. He doesn’t post stupid pics, comments, slurs, doesn’t seem to have any ignorant traits.he posts a lot of inspirational quotes and the people he seems close to you know his REAL friends he talks to on facebook seem like good people not a entourage of leeches. Just a word of advise. Perhaps if you have some weed on you its a good idea to not be driving over the speed limit let alone be driving over 100 mph. I dont know what kind of weed they have in Alabama but back in my youth it all ways made me either  very relaxed, giggly, introspective, or paranoid. I  would have been paranoid as hell to be driving that fast and carrying paraphernalia and marijuana on me. I just hope this is his one screw up cuz I think in with Lovie’s Defense and the way the D-line is taught he could explode on the scene next season wouldnt it be nice if Mccoy got his Brad Culpepper to line up next to.

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