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Lots of people are saying WR, CB, OG, LB, etc. are all still needs, but I haven't really seen anyone say a word about DE. Are people satisfied with Johnson and Clayborn? I think both are solid players, but neither one of them are an elite pass rusher and that's what this team needs. They are very good against the run, but I think we need someone who can consistently get to the QB. I feel like if we don't draft a DE in the 1st or 2nd round, we're going to be in big trouble again with the pass rush this year.

I am concerned about who our starting LDE will be. I see Clayborn as a fill in RDE for when MJ is off the field. I dont see him as a starting LDE. At RDE I am completely satisfied with MJ and Clay. MJ is going to be an elite RDE for us. If he would not have been franchised last year he would have commanded huge money. His sacks went down ladt year but it could be a lot to do with the scheme, as he also dropped back into coverage and played contain a lot. If Lovie just tells MJ to pin his ears back and bend that edge..........he is going to dominate IMO. It is a perfect scenario having David playing LB behind him allows him to go after the QB and forget about contain. David cleans up anything going outside behind him. Just like Rice and Brooks. You need both of those players to make it work. I'm not big on making guarantees but I would think if anyone is going to get double digit sacks this year, my money is on Michael Johnson.There is probably a prop bet somewhere for that. I must find.

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