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the draft needs to be heavy offense. i'm comfortable with where the DL is. not elite, but should be serviceable..That was the trouble with last year, serviceable is not the answer. We need a pass rush. I mean, not all pass rushers, but one with about, oh.. say 10 or more sacks then we had last year from the DL.If we go free agent, then the draft can get us offense like you say. OL and WR would be a good fit..But that's just me..

agree what you say is ideal. so as i said .. what bucs have now is not elite. but serviceable ... perhaps we just have a difference in our definitions of serviceable. i'd argue last year wasn't even serviceable. i think the top sacker might have been a DT last year. that ain't right. i doubt that happens this year. in many ways, i see more of a seattle DL now .. waves of bodies, with no single elite player. at least in tampa, there is a potential elite player in GM .. and with the new talent and maturation of last years young talent, and new scheme (i.e. not overusing stunts) ... i am optimistic that MJ gets to double digits again and one of bowers, clay, means and gholston gets to 7 or 8.

Haha.. Not even serviceable. That's true.Last year people were saying "No-fly Zone", but I (well, not just I, but a lot of people) were saying we needed a pass rush before we needed an elite pass coverage team. I'm confident that Lovie learned a little in his time off. At least I hope so..I like Means, he's got that little "something" that I hope will unfold this year..

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