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I thoroughly believe that Johnson will be a stud for us…the others..not so much. I feel we have a good DE and 3 other rotational DEs. Lovie specifically called out the OL, then we went into overhaul mode. He also specifically called out the pass rush and didn’t sound all that enthused with Clayborn”s production so far. I fully expect us to draft a DE/pass rush guy with one of our first 2 picks. I could definitely see him taking Barr or even Mack if he slips....I agree with the OP tho. What we have isn't enough. If we roll into 2014 with these 4-5 guys without adding a good prospect from a premium spot in the draft, then we are doing exactly what the last few regimes did with their pass rush...settling, and hoping that the switch magically turns on 2-3 seasons in for some of these guys. Lovie and Licht arent playing that game, I feel. Get better now, or GTFO.

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